The first Soundsekerta was made with the concept of a comedy talk show, which collaborated with one of Indonesia's commercial broadcast television network, Trans7. Several Indonesian guest stars and comedians were invited to the show, such as Empat Mata, Polo, and Eko DJ. SoundSekerta feat Empat Mata was held in The national Theatre, Melbourne with over 700 tickets sold.


Extending the success of the previous year, Soundsekerta was able to achieve greater success in 2008 with over 800 tickets sold. The event was held in Melbourne Town Hall, with the performance by Indonesian maestro Yovie & Uno and Indonesian idol contestant Monita Angelica. Fashion show of Batik was also held in the event to embrace Indonesian culture's heritage.

SOUNDSEKERTA 2009 - LoroJonggrang Bukan Superstar ( LoroJonggrang Is Not A Superstar)

In 2009, Soundsekerta raised the bar and was able to attract more than 1300 audiences in Melbourne Town Hall. The event presented a drama musical that carried Indonesian folklore 'Loro Jonggrang'. The drama was presented in such a way that it spotlighted the uniqueness of Indonesian culture. Indonesian comedic band Project Pop, was also invited to perform in SoundSekerta 2009.

SOUNDSEKERTA 2010 - Awards Night

SoundSekerta came out with a new idea, themed 'Awards Night'. The awards that were given are 'Miss Soundsekerta', 'Mas Soundsekerta', 'Best Group', and 'Mirip Artis', which audiences could participate and vote for the nominees. On top of that, two top Indonesian musicians, Sheila on 7 and Ello were invited, as well as famous hosts, Vincent and Desta from the 'Club 80s'. The number of tickets sold was 1400 tickets.

SOUNDSEKERTA 2011 - Our Heart Our Indonesia

SoundSekerta returned with a unique and fresh concept known as 'The Game Show' which resulted in over 1000 tickets sold. The game show consisted of numerous adaption of game shows that were aired in Indonesia. The event was held in Princess Theatre, which is one of the prestigous theatres in Melbourne. The guest stars in 2011 were GIGI and D'Masiv, with Pandji as the host. We also presented a pre-event mini concert with an amazing performance by NIDJI.

SOUNDSEKERTA 2012 - Synergy Indonesia

Soundsekerta was aptly themed 'Synergy Indonesia' in 2012, which was based on Indonesia's principle 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika'. This concept was aimed to spread awareness about the power of unity among indonesians. The guest star was Opera Van Java, a comedy show broadcast on the Indonesian commercial broadcast television network, Trans7. Moreover, we also invited rising Indonesian singer Raisa and Indonesian stand-up comedian, Ryan Adhriandhy, which came along with Vincent Rompies as the host. As the media partnet of Soundsekerta, Trans7 broadcasted 'Opera Van Java Goes to Melbourne' in their channel. This huge event successfully sold a grand number of 1700 tickets.

SOUNDSEKERTA 2013 - Future Of Indonesia

As the continuation of Soundsekerta 2012's theme, SoundSekerta 2013 aimed to raise awareness and optimism in bringing Indonesian to a better future. Dewa19, Andra and The Backbone, and also Ari Lasso were invited and managed to put up a marvelous performance in Melbourne Town Hall. Eventhough two of the invited artists, Ahmad Dhani and El RUmi were not able to make it to Melbourne due to unexpected complications, Soundsekerta 2013 managed to keep the event going well with over 1100 tickets.

SOUNDSEKERTA 2014 - Limitless Indonesia

SoundSekerta 2014 came with a concept of Limitless Indonesia to prove that Indonesian Students could give contribution for our nation from anywhere in many forms, hence 'limitless'. The event was held at Melbourne Town Hall with special guests Sheila on 7, Maliq D'essential and Danang Darto as the host. Soundsekerta 2014 was able to sell up to 1300 tickets. Soundsekerta Limitless Indonesia also organized photography and song cover competitions for the public.

SOUNDSEKERTA 2015 - Sound Of The Nation

Soundsekerta 2015 breaks the all time record of attendance with a total of 1,853 people attending the event. Held again at the prestigious venue of Melbourne Townhall, for the first time ever Soundsekerta invited three household music groups from Indonesia. Performance from solo singer Tulus and two elite bands Noah and Nidji rocked the night which also includes a performance of Tari Nusantara, a traditional dance from a Victoria based dance group, Widya Luvtari. Soundsekerta 2015 came with the theme Sound of the Nation, with the purpose of bringing together the voice of Indonesian at Melbourne through dance and music performance. Song cover competition is held again this year with selected participants performing at the annual Indonesian Food and Trade Festival held by PERWIRA (Perhimpunan Warga Indonesia di Victoria).